December 28, 2012

Watermelon Baby Carriage

I just returned from Atlanta, Georgia where I was visiting family and celebrating the birth of my new cousin, Jacob Saul (Photo Credit: Laura Brett Photography). Check out this centerpiece I made for his “bris” (Yiddush for “covenant of circumcision”). For those who don’t know, a bris is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed on 8–day old male infants. Not so fun for the baby, but as with most Jewish holidays and celebrations, the “deed” is followed by an elaborate meal. I found my inspiration for this centerpiece on Pinterest and made some changes as I went along. This is a great idea for a baby shower or baby naming as well!

Watermelon Baby Carriage

  1. 1 large watermelon, whole
  2. 1 orange cantaloupe, whole
  3. 4 grapefruit slices (can substitute an orange)
  4. 1 grape, sliced in half
  5. 1 pacifier
  6. Balled or cut fruit of your choice
Kitchen Tools:
  1. Large serving tray
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Sharp knife
  4. Melon baller or spoon
  5. Peeler

Step 1: Using a permanent marker, outline the watermelon to mark the areas that will be carved out. I used a piece of paper as a guide to help keep the lines straight.


Step 2: Using a combination of a sharp knife, melon baller or spoon, carve out the entire inside of the watermelon.

Carved Watermelon

Step 3: Remove the skin of the cantaloupe and use a peeler to scale down to a good, rounded “head size”- Then fasten the head with toothpicks to the bottom of the watermelon.

Fastened Cantaloupe

Step 4: Using toothpicks, fasten grape slices for the eyes and scrap cantaloupe pieces for the ears and nose. Then use a knife to carve a hole for the mouth and insert the pacifier.

Cantaloupe Head

Step 5: Fasten 4 slices of grapefruit (close in size) to the outside of the watermelon using toothpicks to create the illusion of wheels.

Grapefruit Wheels

Step 6: Fill the watermelon with cut up/balled fruit of your choice. Right before serving to guests, fill the rest of the tray with an assortment of cut up fruit. Keep extra on the side and replenish as needed.

Grapefruit Wheels

Step 7: I put baby Jake’s monogram on the backside of the watermelon with a permanent marker and paint for some extra personalization.


This watermelon was a big hit and didn’t take long to make. Feel free to use a variety of different fruits and experiment to see what creative add-ons or substitutions you can come up with. Please share any fun ideas you may have or any other types of food centerpieces you have experimented with in the past.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “Watermelon Baby Carriage

  1. Helen

    Love doing creative things. Hoping to make this for granddaughters baby shower. I’ll let you know how I make out. Just thought this would make a big hit as it is summer and fresh fruit is always a good choice to serve in warm weather. Helen G.


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